• How can my business help? (explanation of the 4 options you could offer)

    Any form of support towards For-Purpose organisations is greatly appreciated! There are four ways your business can support:

    • Discount
      Offer your products or services to For-Purpose organisations at a discount. You may also consider offering this to the supporters of the For-Purpose organisation as well – e.g. “For-Purpose organisations will receive a 20% discount of our services.”
    • Rebate/Donation
      This is where you provide a rebate or donation for any business received via a For-Purpose organisation or the directory – e.g. “For every tyre purchased we will donate $25 to your For-Purpose organisation.”
    • Staff Volunteer Time
      This is allowing your staff paid time to help support For-Purpose organisations. This may be more aligned to your staff members’ values and is a great way to differentiate yourself from your competitors.
    • Volunteer Services
      If you are a service provider you could volunteer your services to For-Purpose organisations at no cost.

    To get the best from the SociaLink Directory, be clear on your offering and who to contact to redeem it. Let’s make this a win/win/win!

  • How do I sign up my business?
    1. Click on the Add Business/Org button
    2. Create yourself as a User (Tip: best to have the person who will be the ‘face’ of the business as the user)
    3. Create your Business Listing. Follow the prompts and forms (Tip: put as much info as you want, but be clear and concise, and make your offer clear so that For-Purpose organisations can easily identify the offer and contact you about it).
  • Does SociaLink endorse the Business Heroes

    Whilst SociaLink is grateful for all the businesses who choose to be come a Business hero and support For-Purpose organisations, SociaLink does not endorse or recommend any business. It is up to the For-Purpose organisation and their supporters to complete their own due diligence on a business hero’s products or services.

  • How do I sign up my For-Purpose organisation?
    1. Click on the Add Business/Org button
    2. Create yourself as a User (Tip: best to have the person who will be the ‘face’ of the business as the user)
    3. Create your For-Purpose listing
  • What category does my business fit under?
    1. Retail – Includes businesses selling physical goods directly to consumers, such as clothing stores, electronics shops, and grocery stores.
    2. Hospitality – Encompasses businesses offering accommodation, dining, and entertainment services, such as hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars, and entertainment venues.
    3. Professional Services – Includes businesses providing specialised services to individuals or other organisations, such as legal services, accounting firms, consulting agencies, and marketing companies.
    4. Healthcare – Encompasses businesses offering medical services, healthcare products, and wellness services, such as hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, and fitness centres.
    5. Technology – Includes businesses involved in developing, manufacturing, or selling technology products and services, such as software companies, IT consulting firms, electronics retailers, and telecommunications providers.
    6. Construction and Real Estate – Encompasses businesses involved in construction, architecture, property development, and real estate services, such as construction companies, real estate agencies, and property management firms.
    7. Finance and Insurance – Includes businesses offering financial services, banking services, insurance products, and investment management, such as banks, insurance companies, financial advisors, and mortgage brokers.
    8. Manufacturing and Industrial – Encompasses businesses involved in manufacturing, production, and industrial processes, such as factories, warehouses, distribution centres, and logistics companies.
    9. Transportation and Logistics – Includes businesses providing transportation services, shipping, freight forwarding, and logistics solutions, such as airlines, shipping companies, trucking companies, and courier services.
    10. Education and Training – Encompasses businesses offering educational services, training programs, and academic institutions, such as schools, colleges, universities, training centres, and tutoring services.
  • What is a For-Purpose organisation?

    A For-Purpose organisation operates with a primary focus on achieving a specific social or environmental mission, rather than solely maximizing profit for shareholders. These organisations can take various forms, including non-profits, social enterprises, or charities.

    Their activities and operations are geared towards creating positive change and addressing societal or environmental issues, often through innovative approaches and collaborations with stakeholders. The driving force behind For-Purpose organisations is their commitment to making a meaningful impact and contributing to the greater good, while also being financially sustainable.

  • Why Join the SociaLink Directory?

    If you need some more convincing joining the SociaLink Directory is a good idea for your business or For-Purpose organisation CLICK HERE.

  • Who is SociaLink?

    SociaLink strengthens For-Purpose organisations from the inside, providing tools to empower our social and community sector. For more information visit www.socialink.org.nz

  • Terms and Conditions

    You can view our Terms and Conditions here.

  • Supporters Mark

    As a way of displaying your support of our For-Purpose organisations, businesses registered on the SociaLink Business Heroes directory can display the supporters mark. Click here for more information.

  • What if I had a bad experience?

    If you had a bad experience (for example, not getting the deal you were expecting or poor service), go to the Business Hero listing, and you’ll see ‘Report Listing’ on the right hand side. Fill in the details there:

    Alternatively, contact leanne@socialink.org.nz.

  • Can I review a positive experience?

    Yes, you can add a review, and we welcome this. Go to the Business Hero listing, and you’ll see ‘Write a Review’ on the right hand side:

    You could also do a “shout out” to the provider on your social media, and link back to https://businessheroes.org.nz to spread the word for other For-Purpose organisations to utilise the services there – that would be great!

  • How do I resize my logo/image?

    To display well on the site, your logo or image/picture needs to ideally be 940 x 788px.

    Below are instructions on how to do that using Canva

    (NOTE: if this is too difficult, we will resize your logo for you when you submit a listing):

    1. In Canva, select Templates > Facebook Post (Landscape) > Create blank

    2. Copy your logo (or use a “snip tool” to copy a snip/picture of it), and paste it onto that page

    3. Go to File > Download > PNG (suggested)

    4. Go back to the ‘upload your business/org logo’ page in the Business Directory (from this page click the back arrow button)

    5. Click Select Files

    6. Go to your downloads folder and select the PNG file of the logo you just downloaded

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