1. Retail – Includes businesses selling physical goods directly to consumers, such as clothing stores, electronics shops, and grocery stores.
  2. Hospitality – Encompasses businesses offering accommodation, dining, and entertainment services, such as hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars, and entertainment venues.
  3. Professional Services – Includes businesses providing specialised services to individuals or other organisations, such as legal services, accounting firms, consulting agencies, and marketing companies.
  4. Healthcare – Encompasses businesses offering medical services, healthcare products, and wellness services, such as hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, and fitness centres.
  5. Technology – Includes businesses involved in developing, manufacturing, or selling technology products and services, such as software companies, IT consulting firms, electronics retailers, and telecommunications providers.
  6. Construction and Real Estate – Encompasses businesses involved in construction, architecture, property development, and real estate services, such as construction companies, real estate agencies, and property management firms.
  7. Finance and Insurance – Includes businesses offering financial services, banking services, insurance products, and investment management, such as banks, insurance companies, financial advisors, and mortgage brokers.
  8. Manufacturing and Industrial – Encompasses businesses involved in manufacturing, production, and industrial processes, such as factories, warehouses, distribution centres, and logistics companies.
  9. Transportation and Logistics – Includes businesses providing transportation services, shipping, freight forwarding, and logistics solutions, such as airlines, shipping companies, trucking companies, and courier services.
  10. Education and Training – Encompasses businesses offering educational services, training programs, and academic institutions, such as schools, colleges, universities, training centres, and tutoring services.


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