Grief Support Services

Grief Support Services

Grief counselling can lessen the risk of depression and suicidal ideation. As people grow their support systems and tools of resilience they are less likely to turn to drugs, alcohol, self-harm or other unhelpful tools to cope. There is a flow on effect from counselling as our clients heal, their resilience returns and they become more able to participate in their families, community and workplace.

Grief Support Services offers:
– Up to six funded sessions for individuals and/or family/whanau counselling (in some cases a further six sessions may be possible).
– Child counselling with a Counsellor specialising in working with children.
– Counselling for parents of children younger than 6 to support them to optimise the child’s development and wellbeing as they adjust to loss.
– Presentations to community groups, health professionals and health support agencies about managing the effects of grief and the work of our service.
– Services to people bereaved by suicide and/or effected by someone’s suicidal behaviour. This part of our service is funded by Te Whatu Ora – HNZ.
– Continued provision of training and placement for student Counsellors.
– A warm, welcoming and confidential service with a range of information resources and links or referrals to other support services and agencies.

We will soon launch our new ‘Grief in the Workplace’ support package, so if are a business (big or small) and would like to know more, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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